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What is our mission?

The story of RocketLounge is really the story of people – the founders, entrepreneurs, investors and mentors who believe in the power of entrepreneurship. Over the last 18 months we have built a solid local and international community of people who share our vision and want to give back by supporting the next generation of entrepreneurs to reach their goals. Through this collective knowledge and experience we are building the stage for sharing entrepreneurial skills and wisdom.

The RocketLounge helps startups to be more successful in their first 12 months through funding and mentorship (RocketLounge Accelerator and RocketLounge Softlanding), community, office space (RocketLounge Coworking) and relevant startup events.

My dream is to create an environment for entrepreneurs from all over the world. I want Florida to be the next amazing startup hub.

Dieter Kondek, CEO & Founder The RocketLounge


Fort Myers has a long history of entrepreneurship. Early innovators like Edison, Ford and Firestone once chose this city as a starting place for new and exciting industries. Today, TRL is on a mission to revive that spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship by building a tech startup ecosystem right in the heart of downtown.

Meet Our Team

Space can be a lonely place. Why should you have to navigate it on your own? To really take off you are going to need an experienced, friendly, fun crew! Check out ours below!

Dieter Kondek
Dieter KondekFounder & CEO
Dieter is the man who steers the spaceship. With his experience in starting up business he has made the rocket fly.
Bud Stoddard
Bud StoddardChief Operating Officer
Bud Stoddard is a serial entrepreneur having founded six companies in the information management and storage industry. He is the author of Reflections of a Serial Entrepreneur, a street smart guide to starting your own company.
Joerg Sahlmann
Joerg SahlmannCo-Founder & CTO
Need experience? Then you need Joerg! He’s a jack of all trades and a master of most.
Anke Kondek
Anke KondekRocket Finances
Anke is crunching numbers, counting cash and collecting member fees.
Sven Hermann
Sven HermannStartup Community Manager
Sven is the blueprint of an entrepreneur in our area. He is building the community we need to create the environment.
Brian Benson
Brian BensonStartup Program Manager
Brian is managing our Entrepreneur Bootcamp.
Jan Kondek
Jan KondekBusiness Analyst
Patrick Kondek
Patrick KondekBusiness Analyst
Lana Lee
Lana LeeSocial Media Marketing
Natalia Harvey
Natalia HarveySpace Coordinator

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